Esper Werm - Merk Loos c43 Cassettes



'Merk Loos' is the latest entry from Esper Werm, and provides an entirely new angle into a unique sonic laboratory. The trajectory of Esper Werm behaves as a light prism would, splitting light and our own ideas of sound into various directions. On Merk Loos we hear the project at its most minimal, crystalline and frigid moments (see "Artificial Gatekeeping"). The final piece "Enlinked Enlaced Enamoured" shows us a new melodic element to the project, leaving us curious of the Werm's next move.

released May 1, 2020

Recorded in Chicago 2019.

c43 black cassette lovingly dubbed at RM HQ, housed in a classic clear Norelco case with full-color j-card