DJ Bando - Lite Dose c23 Cassettes

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Back from Southgate! It's our very own DJ Bando (aka Traag, aka Church Shuttle, aka Quilt Boy, aka Midget, aka Christopher Alan Durham). Detroit legend and good friend of ours. Midg played in Chicago on 04/20/18 at Options - a night that several heads will never forget. The B side of this release contains live recordings from that evening, while side A is filled to the brim with classic Bando explorations.

Art by DJ Bando.

released March 20, 2020

Side A recorded on Fostex 4 track at Monopoly House, Southgate MI 2018
Side B recorded April 20th 2018 at Options, Chicago

c23 black cassette lovingly dubbed at RM HQ, housed in a classic clear Norelco case with full-color j-card